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Форум событийной видеографии _ Видеокамеры _ SONY A7III TURNING INTO CINEMA CAMERA

Автор: aumaumaum 1.1.2020, 21:26

Wanna get the highest video quality with Sony A7III camera and turn it into "Cinema Camera"! So which brand accessories should i buy for achieving best quality?

1. External monitor for recording with the highest frame rate & please add your suggested settings for external video shooting.
2. SSD or SD for your mentioned external monitor.
2. Rig/Cage.
3. Follow Focus for manual and for wireless using.
4. Matt boxes.
5. Power supply (V mount/Gold Mount or)
6. V mount/Gold Mount/or Lock plate
7. Wireless transmitter so the director or focus puller can see the image

If there is something that i forgot, but you advise me to use or add, please tell me, thanks.

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